About Us

One Stop Fragrances was born through a love of all things perfume. We have always wanted to share this passion with as many people as possible. Ultimately this passion culminated in the formation of One Stop Fragrances. 

Our journey began in 2011. A small group of friends got together and would buy high end luxury fragrances. We would then decant those perfumes so each of us could have a piece. As time passed and our collections began to grow, we wanted to share the opportunity of owning and sampling luxury fragrances to everyone.We provide a tailored perfume sampling experience. Focusing on a wide range popular, niche and luxury fragrances. All our samples are decanted from the original licensed fragrance houses. 

We found various benefits with our model:

Samples- These are essential for customers who want to experience a fragrance but do not want to commit to a full bottle initially. These are also a life saver for customers who live too far to physically go and test their preferred scents. 

Travel- How many times have you thought about taking one of your favourite fragrances on holiday but are confronted with numerous issues?

Such as:

1.The bottle holding too much to go through airport security.

2. Risk of breaking a glass bottle.

3. Cost of the fragrance being lost/damaged. Our travel size bottles tackle all these issues, so that you can savour your favourite scents whilst enjoying your holiday.

Variety - Luxury fragrances can get really expensive really quickly. Sometimes costing hundreds of pounds per bottle. Rather than spending that much on one fragrance, why not buy smaller amounts of various fragrances? This would massively diversify your fragrance portfolio.


We at One Stop Fragrances are completely independent of all
the listed brands on this site. We are in no way affiliated/endorsed/sponsored
or in partnership with the brands of the fragrances we supply. We will not
replicate, copy or infringe on any intellectual property rights of the said

We provide a bespoke service which decants original genuine
fragrances into sample sizes of your choosing. Each order is professionally packaged
in various sized plastic spray bottles.